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Moving On to New Movie Project

I'm gearing up to work on my next octopus-free project: my stop-motion animation Cat Scouts movie, "Catnip Kingdom," an homage to Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom.

It's sort of a vanity project -- an itch I have to scratch. I was looking at how many years I have left vs. how long it will take to make the movie. Stop motion requires taking 24 photos for each SECOND of footage. That's before expressions, dialogue or anything beyond basic movement gets animated. It once took me weeks to finish a one-minute stop motion vid, so this 40-minute-ish movie will take years. The script has been complete for a couple of years; about half the puppets have been built. (Note: scored Steve Scout 60s-era action figure scout uniforms).

Anyway, I won't be totally stopping production of other art, but this will be my focus for the immediate future.


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