Meet Karen


Thanks for dropping by, and for your interest in my work!

I'm an award-winning artist, writer, and maker who recently left the San Francisco Bay Area for a seaside home in Ocean Shores, Washington.

I was born under a water sign which may explain my connection to the sea. I've always lived within driving distance to the ocean. I can go months without seeing it, but I like knowing it's there. As a kid, my sister and I used to vie to be the first to spot the ocean as we approached the coast. Seeing the water always generates a flush of endorphins. 

I'm also a wildlife enthusiast, birder, and amateur astronomer who relishes the rural PNW life. 


My artistic work includes illustration, mixed media and collage, paintings, photography, and mosaics. I also produce animated videos, and stop-motion animation shorts.


And then there's Cat Scouts. I wrote and illustrated The Cat Scout Handbook, and built the Cat Scouts social media site where cats can learn to be better cats by living life the Cat Scout Way. I also take commissions for custom cat portraits. 

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