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And More Fur, Feathers & Fun!

Coincidentally, not long after exploring the work of Elizabeth Hilaire, I found Lisa Morales, who, like Elizabeth and I explores mixed media work with subjects involving fur and feathers....and suction cups!

I have several paintings of octopuses planned; I absolutely love them. After I watched "My Octopus Teacher," I shed a few tears, then decided that my ocean imagery will feature the octopus or the jellyfish, both of whom predate the dinosaurs by millions of years, and both of whom are just amazing creatures.

And then there's this coon!

The requisite pelican:

I LOVE this outdoor garden work!!!

We've got a Kahlo:

Lisa has a youtube channel with a few tutes. Interestingly, Lisa danced professionally in Houston with The Houston Grand Opera, Theater Under the Stars, and several local dance companies before becoming a visual artist. You can see her work on the walls of Seattle Grace Hospital if you're a Grey's Anatomy fan. How cool is that? (I'll answer that! It's very very very cool.)

You can learn more about Lisa on her website

Her work is exquisite, and you can see her at art festivals listed here.


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