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Henry David is Complete

I finished the portrait of Henry David. It's 8x10 on canvas, mixed media with torn paper collage and acrylic.

The background collage papers are text from Henry David's namesake, Mr Thoreau. In addition, his mom is a native plant savant, and a lot of her photos of native VA plants are used in this work.

I haven't been too prolific in recent weeks....cancer treatments created a bunch of dental problems which required the removal of most of my teeth. Got an infection and struggled with a lotta pain and discomfort requiring multiple trips to the dentist and I can't eat any food that's not pureed. Because of the swelling from the infection, my dentures hurt, so I leave them out most of the time, which resulted in a crow trying to steal my teeth.

I'm now on to my first in a series of sea turtle paintings. Pulled a few monoprints yesterday to use in the background. Stay tuned!

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Karen is the stop action move about the Cat Scouts?

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