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Face Only a Mother Could Love

I don't know whether to name this "Einstein" or "Bad Hair Day."

I had to laugh about the egg because in my first college art class in drawing, we spent a couple of weeks (yes, weeks!) drawing nothing but eggs. Boring, right?

I LOVED it! My prof was hands-down the best "teacher" I ever had. He was inspiring, charismatic, and exceptional at maximizing each student's abilities. Drawing eggs helped us master lighting and tone. Most importantly, it taught us to "see," which is probably the most important thing for any artist or photog to master.

More eggs! The photo above was not drawn, but photographed. I just loved the shapes and lighting.

When we lived in Marin County, we visited a Pt Reyes are egret rookery every Spring. We loved the cacophonous honking and croaking, and their improbable flying ability, what might be described as an elegant swirl of asses and elbows.

Great Blue Herons are one of my favorite bird species.

These premium cards are 5-1/2" square on 16 pt cardstock.


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