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My third octopus project is a cut paper mixed media collage on 16"x24" canvas. This pushes it into the abstract, celebrating all those little suction cups.

The ephemera used to form the base includes vintage papers, hand-pulled monoprints, and canvas strips from my abstract acrylic paint pours.

The challenge in using canvas strips from my acrylic pours is that the canvas tends to be very thick, so it won't lay flush on the base. One of the things I love most about making Gelli monoprints on deli paper is that the thin deli paper seemingly melts into the base, sometimes becoming almost transparent. Not so with the canvas strips.

I didn't do it this time around, but in the future I will likely scan the acrylic pour canvas and use the resulting prints in collage. This enables me to use the same pour imagery across multiple projects.


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