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Welcome to the FART Gallery!

For several years I've wanted to launch a Free Little Art Gallery -- same idea as those neighborhood free lending libraries for books. There's already a FLAG in town and don't want folks to get confused, so I'm referring to mine as a FART (Free ART) Gallery.

The Gallery is located at 380 N Wynoochee Dr SW (off Butterclam) in Ocean Shores. Everything in the gallery is free, and local artists may leave their own free-for-the-taking art. If you like the Ocean Shores Art page on Facebook you can get a heads up when new items are added.

Why am I giving art away?

I produce a lot of art as I do studies and work on new techniques and new media. And, I have a lot of work over the years that's in storage. I have no heirs, so I'd like to see it finds good homes where it will be enjoyed. And I want to increase awareness and appreciation of art and how it can make your life better.

It's also a marketing ploy. I'd rather spend money on art supplies than on ad buys at Facebook and Google.

Lastly, it's kind of a thank you to our little community for its support of the arts.

Don't live near Ocean Shores?

I'll periodically give away FART Gallery items through the Facebook page, so join for a chance to win some art!

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